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Summer is finally coming to end, I haven’t written for quite a while so i’ll post the five highlights of my summer:

  1. Being able to spend summer in Morocco itself, is absolutely great, I’m so happy I got the chance, once again to spend a month in my beloved country, with family and friends.
  2. Being able to fast the month of Ramadan in Morocco with my family was probably one of my biggest highlights of summer. The fact that I got to break my fast with beloved ones was very special.
  3. I got to spend Eid here for the second year. Usually we spend Eid in London where I spend the day going out with my two brothers, mum and dad, which is great, but the fact that this year and last year I got to spend it in Kenitra, Morocco with my extended family, including grandparents and cousins is great.
  4. After Eid was over we went on a 5 day trip to Bouznika which is near Casablanca. It was such a lovely trip, where we were joined by family and had a blast.
  5. Finally the most biggest highlight this summer for me, was to receive my GCSE grades in Morocco because they were very good, and I got to share my happiness with the rest of the family.

We have to remember that a lot of people in the world live alone, whether in a care home without family, or without a home at all, and all alone in the streets. If YOU, yes YOU reading this have a Mum, Dad, or someone you can call family being part of your life, then you should thank God, be blessed, be thankful and most of all BE HAPPY!Image


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