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Exam Stress tips

Soo, I’ve not been posting a lot lately, due to the fact that my brain is overflowing with revision, and exam apprehension!!! I’ve put a few tips together, for how to control and deal with your exam stress and focus on the positive side… enjoy!

1) Never say can’t! You CAN! 😀

2) Clear your mind- Stress is an instinctive response to fear. Learn to deal with it instead of fight it.:D

3) Listen to classical music when studying- piano based music calms me down and prepares me for the revision. 😀

4) Try not to worry to much- yes you may want to succeed in your exams and not fail, but remember that it’s not the end of the world, and you shouldn’t spend all your time focusing on the exams. Go out! Have some fun. 😀

5) Get motivated- personally, I am so lazy to study, the only reason I do is because I’ve got a A3 sized note stuck on my wall, saying “Think of the day you open your results” this automatically motivates me to do my work, as I want to be crying happy tears on the day of my results, and I am sure you would want to aswell 😀

6) Take breaks regularly- after about 1 hour of revision, take a 10 minute break and just do something which doesn’t involve thinking a lot, to try and get your brain to calm down. 😀

7) If anxiety attacks you in the exam and you can’t fight it off easily, practice the following in advance 😀

and use it in the exam: 😀
1. Stop.
2. Feel both feet firmly on the ground.
3. Close your eyes if you like.
4. Relax shoulders and arms, jaw and cheeks.
5. Count a few deep breaths out.
6. Calm for one minute.
7. Think of your name, write it down and then slowly return to the task.

And finally, relax,sleep well and GOOD LUCK! To everyone doing their exams out there, we can all do it, if we believe, we can achieve baby 😀 Stay happy and remember if you want to achieve it, revise hahaha 😀 😀



I think by now, everyone knows that Palestine and Israel have been in War ever since 1948 when the land of Palestine was taken away from them forcefully, and unjustly. This as anyone would agree is morally wrong and unjust. But at the end of the day, the whole issue is a really big matter, that I, myself cannot resolve, but pray to God that one day, the two countries will be at peace together, for “Love is stronger than segregation and discrimination”

I strongly advise everyone to support the Palestine Children’s Relief Funds as they are doing an amazing job in helping the children of Palestine, regain their life and future, and are giving more people the chance to live, the chance to have an education and the chance to find freedom every single day. The PCRF has worked hard to provide many sick and injured Arab children in the Middle East with specialized medical care that is not available locally. The PCRF not only accomplishes this by sending teams of surgeons to treat children locally, but by also arranging cost-free treatment for them abroad.

Not many people realize this, but the fear and pain that the children and people of Palestine are enduring is terrible and is the same issue that is going on in Uganda. Be the voice for these children. I know some people may think I am crazy, for talking about resolving two issues at once, but I believe if you believe, you’ll achieve. I’m a Believer.

SO Please, help promote equality and peace, by supporting Palestine. Remember “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one”

~Mother Teresa

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