My spine is officially fused!

I’m exactly 16 days post scoliosis surgery!! The proper term for the operation is posterior spinal fusion. I am finally MUCH more straighter, and more expensive since I have Titanium metal in my spine. On a serious note, I am thankful, thankful to be alive and well after the surgery (although it still feels like I’ve been hit by a truck) and I feel relieved to finally have gotten it over and done with. My blog posts stopped because I’ve been feeling very down these past couple of days, especially because of the pain. Everything feels so weird and it still feels like I am in hospital squeezing my morphine pump and playing with my electronic hospital bed.My time in hospital went very well, although I cant really remember anything from the first few days, I oddly remember the first day post operation from when I was in the recovery room, to being in the high dependency unit. My day nurse was called Dorothy, I remember her being the first person there when I woke up from the operation. Her name was actually easy to remember since I kept associating it with Dorothy Perkins and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I also had my high moments from calling myself a vampire to inviting a doctor over for dinner.

I cant help but accentuate how hard and demanding the role of a nurse is. We’ve all had that debate of why nurses should be paid more than footballers so this may sound a bit cliche, but realistically they are just amazing people who have gained 100% more respect from me in regards to how much effort and love they put into their job. Also, hats off to doctors, specifically spinal surgeons, I mean the precision and accuracy it must of took to open my back without doing anything wrong is crazy. But everything went well and the surgeons realigned my whole spine overnight, meaning my whole organs are now shuffling back to normal- cool huh? I’m also a few inches taller which makes me happy.

Honestly, I could go in depth of my Whole experience but WordPress would probably close my blog down because of how much I would write, so I’d just like to thank Allah, primarily for keeping me alive, and for helping me get better every single day.  I am still living the post op experience every single day, and it’s done nothing but increased my Patience, tolerance levels, killed me with pain and taught me that the body is a temple that should be looked after, specifically the spine.

If I could, I would hug my spine every single day for keeping me alive. If I could use my experience to advice other people, it would be not to take your arms and legs and face and everything for granted, and to take good care of your body. If you have eyes to read this post, consider yourself lucky, if you have hands that let you control your computer or laptop or whatever it is you’re using, consider yourself luckier. I thankfully came out of the hospital alive, walking and talking.

“Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have – life itself.”

― Walter Anderson

The evening before the op

Soooo… sitting here using a hospital computer with 1999 Internet Explorer version is the last thing I want to do, but WIFI’s not working so I guess it’s better than nothing. I’m supposed to be in the hospital’s “common room” which isn’t that bad, if you like snooker and staring at a massive world map. Feelings: mixed, but not so much worry, just fear, although not as bad as how it normally is. I spoke to the doctor and he told me my blood type was A+ which for some reason made my mum ecstatic…perhaps she needed someone to reiterate that I am really her daughter.

I feel brave, and not so much sleepy but a little tired. I guess I can only leave everything to Allah’s hands now. I got here at about 3pm and pretty much sat here through out the day doing nothing, a part from reading 3 pages of Wuthering Heights, and looking over French Grammar which I can’t even remember now. Great, this will be my last post before surgery and everything will be fine InshAllah.

Great, so I shall be heading back to my room. InshAllah, tomorrow at this time, my curve will be corrected and I’ll be titanium 😀 Although I will be absolutely knackered.

2 days left till operation!


Woah. To encapsulate my feelings in a word, it would be minimal-fear (does that even exist) I’m feeling less anxious than most days though, maybe because it’s sinking in that I am going to have the operation. Anxiety is still there, I guess it’s partly being afraid of the operation and partly bewildered by it being just two days ago. I remember my journey of scoliosis began 3 years ago when it was at 35 degrees, and now is at 50. It feels good in a way to finally get to close this chapter of my life although I won’t stop raising awareness for the condition and helping other people who have to go through it.

My last week at school before the operation was exhausting, maybe it was because of the numerous books I was given for revision! But it was also sad saying bye to the people who I see 5 days a week, excluding holidays, my friends. Friday was my last day and I was thrown an amazing surprise party by my friends to say goodbye and good luck, which literally made everything much more positive! The cake, which included all my favorite chocolates, was made by the amazing Haseena. The support really helped in feeling more better about everything.

School wise, I’m just going to have to work on getting better, then I will start thinking about workload and revision, but overall I’m feeling good. Today is my last day at home before I go for admissions tomorrow. If you’re reading this and you have Scoliosis, I know how hard it is to have to go through something like this, so if anyone has any questions, feel free to leave me a comment on here.

5 days till operation!



As you may have noticed, I have changed my Blog’s name to Chaimology, because The way Chaimaa sees it was too long, plus I like this name better as I feel it’s a better encapsulation of what the blog is about. I have not blogged in ages due to school taking up 99% of my time and the other 1% was laziness.

So I received the date of the spinal fusion surgery on Monday afternoon.

Right now, so many thoughts are going through my head, apprehension, fear and anxiety to be more precise. Maybe it’s because it’s all happening so quick. I find myself constantly watching Youtube videos of the operation which doesn’t really help, knowing that I myself will be in the same position as the patients receiving the surgery next week. In a way I am glad that my Scoliosis will be controlled once I get the surgery over and done with, yet it still feels bemusing that it’s all happening so fast. I guess in this final week before my operation I can only wish for the best and try and control my emotions by focusing on positive things instead of watching Youtube videos and reading stories about it.

Are you?

Studies suggest easily distracted people are more creative


Nice to visit…but don’t stay

Nice to visit...but don't stay

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Keep your chin up

Keep your chin up


Be Kind

Be Kind


Writing, to me, is simply…

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. Isaac Asimov


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