When Ramadan coincides with the flu…

Forgive me for taking ages to upload a blogpost. I think my last post was before I had an operation last year. So let’s say 9 months? Something like that. This year has been filled with constant studying, procrastinating, and complaining that A-levels were going to be the “end of me” but thankfully I made it through to summer. Now that exams are over, there’s nothing much to do apart from sleep but as a Muslim, I’m observing Ramadan this month…

So It’s Ramadan here in London (and everywhere else). Ramadan is an annual, holy month for Muslim people all over the world. This is a special time where we have to fast everyday for a month from sunrise to sunset (I know you’re thinking umm “Why starve yourself?”) but honestly it’s not as dangerous as you think. In fact fasting has been practised by Muslims for centuries (since the start of Islam) and it actually has many benefits for you. Firstly by fasting and experiencing hunger and thirst, one sympathises with less fortunate people, people with little to eat and drink. Abstaining yourself from food and water is hard, no lie but by doing it you learn to be more patient. Now patience as you fellow humans may know is very hard at times. To me, Ramadan is a time where “spiritual cleansing” can be performed. A time which allows you to spiritually connect with God and realise how fortunate you are. See, it’s all part of a cyclic nature whereby you connect more with God, increase your patience levels or decrease your “stress levels”, and overall feel the beauty of this holy month. It really is beautiful, now to you non-Muslims I may appear to be on cloud nine because of the fasting but Ramadan is really beautiful and is probably my favourite month every year because it brings serenity.

Now, unfortunately, a month which was initially supposed to be full of praying and “spiritual cleansing” has been interrupted by an ugly flu which has attacked my immune system, leaving me in bed 24/7 unable to speak, eat, drink (duh I’m supposed to be fasting) or function normally. Now this is how I developed the flu..so my older brother caught it off my mum who caught it off my younger brother who caught it off his friend(what a pest) now you witness the human domino effect of the flu. Anyway, what was initially supposed to be a blog post about Ramadan has turned into a flu rant. What a beautiful paradox from the “spiritual cleansing” talk. On a serious note, stay healthy this Ramadan, there’s a few weeks left so make use of it by:

1. Not getting the flu

2. Drinking lots and lots and lots of water

3. Trying your best to do more, i.e praying, reading the Quran, smiling, being kind and ofcourse “spiritually cleansing” yourself.

P.S I will continue to blog regularly now 🙂

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